VELOREX — The next big thing?

VELOREX is a new crypto project starting up at the Binance Smart Chain, slowly making its audience to grow larger and larger… The goal is to end the VELOREX Blockchain development before end of 2022, and migrate to the blockchain. VELOREX focuses on the daily use cases of the currency, aiming to make the crypto world safer, and more useful for every investor. VELOREX started working towards making Crypto Cards and estimated arrival time is Q3-Q4 2021. Currently VELOREX is a team of 4, the Founder is János Kovács, along with Vince Surány from Hungary. VELOREX soon hits the global market, with HOTBIT exchange arrival at June 1st. VELOREX started working on their shop, and offers instant VELOREX TOKEN Purchases for real world products.

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